Michael James Lewis

Tangible (Chamberwork I) 5:00 min. (2015)


The film is video documentation of a physical installation that explores the framing of space and perceptual response. The work explores physicality and the definition of space, utilising a simple geometric frame in motion to contain and describe spaces that are simultaneously fixed and fluid. The piece is part of an ongoing series of diagrammatic architectural studies in basic units of space.


Physical object : wood, metal, paint, saliva

Sound : Mike Page

A Love Letter for Alan Cooke 4:25 min.

Selected for Without Words Film Festival, University of Lorraine, Ile du Saulcy, Metz, France (2014)

Invited selection by STRP as part of their Silent Cinema program for FIBER Festival, Amsterdam (2015)


The film utilises archival photographs of Norwich’s Anglia Square, mixed with live footage. Anglia Square is itself under imminent threat of demolition. The photographs and footage are manipulated into the most basic elements of architectural convention – using the line to denote space. Drawing from Daniel Libeskind’s Chamberwork series, these moving images question how we define space and, subsequently, architectural merit. Through distortion, perhaps, we are able to see more clearly.

Tempestuous Neurology 5 min. live instrumentation.

Selected for Salt + Powell's POWER-UP festival, Artemis House, York, UK (2014)


This film explores the layering of information and fragmentation of perception (ie the POWER of distortion inherent in the age of mass information). Visual content begins to merge into a hyper-dense distortion of reality in which physical objects themselves can be lost in a dense web of hyperlinks and hyper-integration.


The base footage documents several landmarks of brutalist architecture, a period of architectural history that is frequently maligned and in danger of erasure from the fabric of our cities. These monuments are so CHARGED with cultural anxiety that we stop seeing them as objects and their worth becomes inexorably tied to our fear and misunderstanding of the recent past.

There is no beginning. There is no end.

A short film portrait of artist Mike Page and his homemade electro-mechanical music devices

A short film with head-roaster of Steampunk Coffee, Hans-Erik Kleive.

A short film with tattoo artist Ahmed Eldarrat of Trader Bob's.

A short film with model train enthusiast Stewart Auld.

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